TB Research Fund.

TB Research Fund.
In conjunction with British Camelids Ltd, the British Alpaca Society has established a ring-fenced fund for research into bTB in camelids. This is in addition to the funding already given to Defra/VLA to carry out research to try to validate a number of bTB tests.
Anyone who wishes to make a donation to this vital work may do so by sending a cheque made payable to British Camelids Limited to the Association Secretary.


A new website concerning this subject has just been launched. Follow the link at the end of this article, but please note British Camelids cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, views and opinions expressed in the new website.
British Camelids is part of the bTB eradication team working very closely with DEFRA, Animal Health and the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Scottish Assembly and Welsh Assembly and we have a continuing process of responding to the Welsh and DEFRA consultation documents.

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