Dromedary (camelus dromedarius) / Bactrian (camelus bactrianus)


There are two species of “old-world” camelid, the Bactrian (with two humps) and the Dromedary or Arabian (with one hump).

The Dromedary is the largest and has well developed fore-legs and shoulders.

The Bactrian is thick-set, has shorter legs and a very thick coat.

The camel matures slowly, not reaching its full height until it is 5 years old. The weight varies with each species but the weight range for adults is typically 1,101lb-1,541lb (500-700kg).

There are some camels kept in the U.K. and a Dangerous Wild Animal Licence is required to keep them. There are few camels in the UK apart from in zoos and wildlife parks, but some people do use them for trekking and camel rides.